Success Stories

The Horizons School believes that once students graduate from our program these students will be prepared to live independently with a paid job. These success stories are a testament to the program and faculty that makes a difference in these student’s lives.

If you're an alumni and would like to submit your "Success Story", please email your story by clicking here.

My success story:

Hi my name is Laura Elizabeth Shrum I came to Birmingham in September 0f 2000 and Graduated in 2003. after I graduated from Horizons I had plan on staying in Birmingham untill I was ready to move on with my life. In 2010 in July I made my dission to move back to South Carolina so I could be close to my family. I am living on my own in Fort Mill and working in Child Care daycare part-time Monday threw Friday. I am singing in the adult Choir at my church where I grew up at when I was a baby girl. I am also singing in the YCCS here in South Carolina it will be 3 years since I started singing this group since I move back to South Carolina. Thanks so Much.

Laura S from South Carolina
My success story:

When I started Horizons I was shy but now I am less shy.I learned to ride the bus to go grocery shopping. I learned to speak up for myself. I made a lot of friends like Hilary from Florida who work with me. I have worked 7 years at Publix bagging groceries.
Thank You

Ran from Alabama

My name is Trey Marabella and I went to the Horizons School in the winter of 1993 when I was based on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus and at the time was called the UAB Horizons Program. I made a lot of friends both at Horizons and as well as throughout the UAB community and it was a great work experience for me at the various places I worked and also places that volunteered at and I also made many friends there along with getting to be involved with UAB Football, UAB Men's and Women's Basketball, UAB Baseball and UAB Softball and also volunteering at the YMCA and other various places throughout the Birmingham, Alabama area. I enjoyed my time while in the program and graduated in 1996 but completed the program in 1998.

I now live in Hyannis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod but would love to hear from my friends and classmates from Horizons.
Thank You

Trey from Massachusetts

The Horizon School is a great school. Back in 1994 my life was going to change I told myself. The teachers and staff taught me a lot of things. For example: How to keep a budget for myself, live independetly, start a career. When I went to the Horizon in 1994 I never live without my parents so when I got to the Horizons it was very hard for me. After living in Birmingham for awhile, sometime I never wanted to go back home. Thanks for reading this and good luck. A special thanks to all of the Staff that taught me. Your the best.

Kristina from Connecticut

I first heard about the school through a friend of ours. The past three years have been good to me, not only did i make lots of friends but i learned how to live independent. Mr. r found me a great job at tj maxx and i love that so much that he was able to help me to transfer at the tj maxx in oxford. i am really going to miss this school and everyone in it.

Jennifer from Alabama

I have been working as a Sterile Supply Tech I. since November 2008. Since graduating in May of 2009 from third year I have taken a few trips to Atlanta and Mississippi to visit friends and family. I am working on a new goal for the near future and I am calling it "The Five Year Plan". My goal in the next five years is to save enough money to make a down payment on a house. I know it will be hard but, I think with good preparation and hard work I can do it!

Leif from Alabama

If I hadn't gone to horizons school. I won't be the person I am today. The great friends I made for a lifetime. Mr. R (my Career teacher)helped me get the job I always dreamed of. Working with kids is what I love do it. I have come far in my life since horizons.

Claire from Alabama

“I told my mom that from all the kids that I still talk to from Horizons that have graduated, it is amazing how all of us know how to work,” Katy said. “Without Mr. R. none of us would know how real jobs work.”

Katy from Tennessee

I graduated from The Horizons School in May 2008. I am very excited about life after school. When I started The Horizons Program my goal was to meet friends and find a job in the medical field.

I have many new friends. I share an apartment with two of my friends and now work at as an Activity Assistant in an adult daycare facility. After my transition year at school, I plan to move back to Georgia to be closer to my family.

Courtney from Georgia

I started at The Horizons School in 1998. I was very excited, but nervous. My best friend went to Horizons and we are still friends. My best memory at the school was that I met my first girlfriend.

I now work at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), in the landscaping and grounds department full-time and live in a condo new my work. I like to read comic books, watch movies and draw.

Russ from Tennessee
Also, please let me take this opportunity to thank everyone at The Horizons School for all they have done for him these past three years. It is truly amazing how much he has grown over that time. He is so much more independent and confident about his abilities. His communication skills are also much stronger. Before going to Horizons, he was always hesitant to contact people he didn’t know or even ask questions about his work schedule. Now he confidently takes care of problems that occur.

As a parent, I have also made changes thanks to The Horizons School. When your child has a disability and is always in need of seizure medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy; hour focus becomes your child.

Time was always of the essence and we rushed from thing to thing, not always appreciating each other. Sometimes in the rush it was just easier to make his bed for him or tie his shoes, instead of teaching him how to do it. Now at home, he is responsible for all the things he does at Horizons.

Parent from South Carolina