Contracting Services

The Horizons School offers contracting for partial services after third year. Advising is required for all contracting students. Supported Employment, Supported Living and Money Management are offered based on student needs as identified through family collaboration. An outline of services is below. Students must complete Core Curriculum classes before beginning Contracting services

Advising (Required)--$1200/trimester

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
    1. Making plan
    2. Implementing plan
    3. Evaluating plan
    4. Practicing strategies to accomplish plan
  • Self-esteem / Self realization
  • Family collaboration when appropriate
  • Maintaining skills for self determination


Supported Employment--$2,200/trimester

  • Job search support
  • Employee orientation
  • Collaboration with work place supervisors
  • Evaluation of work place skills and behaviors
  • Development and implementation of accommodations
  • Conflict mediation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Maintaining skills for career independence and growth


Supported Living--$2,200/trimester

  • Apartment orientation
  • Apartment site visits: Money management, record keeping review, personal management calendar and data
  • Maintaining skills for personal and social independence


Money Management--$2,200/trimester

  • Individualized weekly money management sessions
  • Budget, bills, bank statements, telephone banking


Adult Literacy Classes--$2,200/trimester

  • Group and individualized learning sessions twice weekly in either:
  • Math or Language Arts/Social Studies/Science
  • Support to identify and request individual testing accommodations
  • Support to complete GED testing

Contracting periods coincide with academic trimesters: Sep. through Dec., Jan. through May, and Jun. through Aug. The regular payment schedule for contracting services will begin in August, 2014.  If you are interested in Contracting services, call Dr. Jade Carter.