Financial Aid

The Horizons Foundation, Inc. offers scholarship opportunities for students attending The Horizons School, Inc. Partial scholarships are awarded each year from the interest earned on the fund. Scholarships may be renewable for the second year of the program depending on family need and assets. Assuming family financial resources and obligations remain the same as in the previous year, the scholarship will be renewed at a minimum level of 50% of the initial award. Students must reapply for scholarship assistance each year.

Scholarships Available
The Horizons School offers several types of financial assistance.  Resources may come from the Horizons Foundation Scholarship Fund, The Marie McElheny Scholarship Fund, or Annual Scholarship Funds. Annual Scholarship Funds are awarded based on availability.  Families must apply through TADS (Tuition Aid Distribution Services) via the Horizons School website.  All awards are needs based. 


  1. The student must be accepted into The Horizons School.
  2. The family must submit information to the Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). You may apply online or request a paper application from TADS. Application fee is $39 payable to TADS.
  3. Additional information must be submitted upon request from the Horizons Foundation or from TADS.
  4. Scholarships will be awarded based on demonstrated financial need.
  5. All requested information must be turned in by April 1 to TADS.

Click here to apply at
Click here to apply at

For more information, contact Katie Cusimano at 205-322-6606 or