Our History 

Established in 1991 as a UAB School of Education Program, The Horizons School, Inc. became a fully functioning 501(c)(3), state licensed, post-secondary school non-profit organization in 2000. The school has filled a much needed niche for young adults and their families as these young men and women move from home and high school into the larger arena of adult independence just like their college-age peers and siblings.

The Horizons School continues to prepare our young adults for an independent life. Serving 300 students for twenty years, graduates leave Horizons prepared to work and thrive in their communities. Approximately 25-30% of our graduates have remained in the Birmingham area. Our graduates are employed in local hospitals, day care centers, hotels, retail establishments and other local businesses and many are also involved in community service at homeless shelters, food kitchens, animal shelters and other community agencies. Most of our graduates live away from their families. These students are motivated and determined young adults who become active participants in their community and live productive lives of adult independence.