Residential Life

Our students live in Terrace Court Apartments.

There are three Resident Assistants for Horizons students who are also staff members of The Horizons School. Students are eligible and encouraged to participate in student life programs that may include such activities as concerts, sports, or cultural events.

Residential Life Assumptions:

  • Each student has the right to live in a safe, healthy environment. School staffing, instruction, and programming are designed to optimize each student’s success.
  • It is a privilege to live at Terrace Court. This is a space students share with non-Horizons students.
  • First and Second year roommate assignments and apartment placements are arranged through The Horizons School. All conversations relating to roommate and room requests must take place with the school Assistant Director.
  • For the safety of the students, first and second year students must leave Terrace Court during holidays and school breaks. Resident Assistants are not available to provide supervision and support during these times.
  • Resident Assistants are part-time employees who offer instructional and residential support. They do not offer 24 hour direct supervision.
  • The school cannot dispense medication. Each student should have his/her own over-the-counter medications to treat minor cuts, scrapes, headaches, and cold symptoms, etc.
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